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The "crowd-organized" software engineering meetup based in Tirol, Austria.

Next Meetup

calender-icon  09.05.2019  calender-icon  18:15  calender-icon  Txture GmbH

Marcel Ritter (homepage)

Sphere Tessellation in OpenGL and F#

Martin Häusler(twitter, github)

Kotlin 101: An Introduction

You have something to share with the community?

We would to hear from you! 😊

Just propose some talk idea via GitHub Issues or hit us up on Twitter. And remember, every dev-related topic is interesting and worth to talk about. The un<meet>up is the best place to get started with speaking. 💗

Thanks a lot to for hosting us! 👏

Our Idea

After a really long session at the first meetup we finally have our idea ready. The un%lt;meet$gt;up will be a quaterly crowd-organized Meetup for all things "software-engineering/development"-related stuff, where we encourage everyone to speak! The coordination will be done by Juan and Bernhard in this repository. A lot of inspiration is taken from our friends of Technologieplauscherl in Linz. We want to connect people and ecourage everyone to share his ideas and projects, which leads to this short description.

  1. The presentation time is around 30m (no problem if it is shorter, you can also do a lightning talk)
  2. There will be 2 to 3 talks per Meetup
  3. Everybody can present!
  4. The topic should be around softare engineering/development/technology


Because of the "crowd-sourced" aspect of the meetup we would really like everyone to participate! Here you go!

  1. Propose a talk, we would love to have you!
  2. Suggest a talk idea, maybe you encourage someone to speak about this topic!
  3. You can offer a location, we would be glad to bring all those developers to your company/space/whatever!
  4. Contributing to this repository, we would like to build a pretty website based on this! The domain is already reserved 😉 If you have any other idea, please just open an issue and let us know.


a place for the self-organizing UnMeetup based in Innsbruck, Tyrol





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