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Unofficial port of OpenArena 0.8.8 client/server to the latest ioquake3 source code
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Unofficial port of OpenArena 0.8.8 client/server to the latest ioquake3

This is based off of r28 of the binary thread which was used in the release client/server for OpenArena 0.8.8.

It is intended to be as close as possible to 0.8.8 except when it makes sense to deviate.

OpenArena 0.8.8 uses r1910 ioquake3 code. This code currently targets r2336 which is the latest.

Switching renderers

Recent ioquake3 versions allow for a modular renderer. This allows you to select the renderer at runtime rather than compiling in one into the binary.

This feature is enabled by default. If you wish to disable it, uncomment USE_RENDERER_DLOPEN=0 in Makefile.local.

When you start OpenArena, you can pass the name of the dynamic library to load. ioquake3 assumes a naming convention renderer_*_.


# Enable the default ioquake3 renderer.
$ ./openarena.i386 +set cl_renderer opengl1

# Enable the OpenArena renderer with GLSL, bloom support and more.
$ ./openarena.i386 +set cl_renderer openarena1

# Enable Rend2 (formerly renderergl2) which is now in upstream
# Don't try this yet since OpenArena doesn't work with rend2 yet
#$ ./openarena.i386 +set cl_renderer rend2


This a standard ioquake3 build which they describe here:

It's not an autotools based build. If you don't have the dependencies, it will break in the middle of the build.

If you are on Ubuntu or Debian, the easiest way to compile this is to install the build dependencies for the "ioquake3" package.

$ sudo aptitude build-dep ioquake3
$ git clone git://
$ cd openarena_engine
$ make

You may want to change a few things in Makefile.local. Other than installing the build dependencies, you shouldn't need to do anything else. By default it builds a modular renderer so you need the binary + *.so or *.dll files in the same directory to run it.


# Get this project
$ git clone git://
$ cd openarena_engine

# Create a reference to the upstream project
$ git remote add upstream git://

# View changes in this project compared to ioquake3's SVN
$ git fetch upstream
$ git diff upstream/master

Changes from 0.8.8 release

  • Sync with upstream so openarena.i386 uses the base ioquake3, openarena_rend2.i386 uses Canete's Rend2 and openarena_oa.i386 uses the OA 0.8.8 renderer (plus minor updates).
  • OA's renderer is now in renderer_oa and the base ioquake3 renderer is left untouched
  • This does not remove the game or cgame files. They are never referenced or built. This makes it easier to keep in sync with upstream. It would also be possible to integrate the OA engine and OA game code at some point in the future.
  • Makefile has fewer changes since the recent upstream Makefile makes it easier to support standalone games
  • cl_yawspeed and cl_pitchspeed are CVAR_CHEAT instead of removing the variables and using a constant.
  • r_aviMotionJpegQuality was left untouched
  • Enables STANDALONE so the CD key and authorize server related changes are no longer needed.
  • Enables LEGACY_PROTOCOL and sets the version to 71.
  • This uses a different GAMENAME_FOR_MASTER than 0.8.8. It also uses the new HEARTBEAT_FOR_MASTER name since the code says to leave it unless you have a good reason.
  • Any trivial whitespace changes were left out
  • James Canete's renderer is now in upstream so it's in this project too.
    • It doesn't work yet with OA though
  • GrosBedo added win32 support back to the Makefile


  • Try to avoid changing qcommon area to support GLSL. Canete's opengl2 didn't need this change so this renderer shouldn't either.
  • Remove compiler warnings. I kept them in for now so the code would be as close as possible to 0.8.8.
  • Verify that allowing say/say_team to bypass Cmd_Args_Sanitize is safe.
  • Build in FreeBSD
  • Build in MacOSX
  • Cross compile in Linux for Windows
    • Cross compiling for Windows may require more changes to the Makefile to enable ogg vorbis support
  • vm_powerpc_asm.c includes q_shared.h but upstream doesn't. Why is this change in 0.8.8?
  • Needs more testing
  • Verify changes with OpenArena developers
  • Potential GLSL debugging fix that was made available after 0.8.8 release.

Original file

OpenArena 0.8.8 client/server release source code:

$ sha1sum openarena-engine-source-0.8.8.tar.bz2
64f333c290b15b6b0e3819dc120b3eca2653340e  openarena-engine-source-0.8.8.tar.bz2
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