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This is a project to using android HCE by using Type-4-Tag Message to working both in iOS and Android
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This is a experimental project about Android NFC functionality. The whole idea is based on using android device as a Host Card Emulation, however we cannot simply send a byte array by realising communication enter iOS and Android because of iOS can only accept NDEF Message. So I'm enlightened by reading NFCForum-TS-Type-4-Tag which simulate the whole process command talking cross devices. You can find more details by reading this documentation. You can find iOS Reader Tag Project in my repo


The whole project conclude 3 projects modules globally.

Module Status
app Android Host Card Emulation of a NFC Forum Type-4 tag
readNfcMessage NFC Read Application to verify HCE Android Completion
nfcemvread NFC Read Application to get Card Bank Information


  • Android HCE with NFC Type-4 Tag

  • read NFC Message Application

    • Android
    • iOS
  • nfc read card bank info (EMV)


Beam Transfer

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