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EjsS Extensions - EJSApp, Moodle, Elements for LabView, Matlab/Simulink, Python and Node.js, Remote lab interfaces...

Extensions for Easy Javascript Simulations: Plugins for Moodle, Elements for connecting with online labs, LabView, Matlab/Simulink, Python, Node.js...

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  1. A Moodle activity module for embedding EJS applications. Embed virtual and/or remote laboratories into Moodle with just a few clicks!

    PHP 7 2

  2. A Moodle resource module for booking remote lab resources uploaded and managed with the EJSApp activity module.

    PHP 3 1

  3. A Moodle block for managing experimentation data files when using the EJSApp activity module.

    PHP 1

  4. A Moodle block for managing and configuring remote labs

    PHP 1

  5. A server implementation of the RIP protocol in LabVIEW

    LabVIEW 2 2

  6. Specification of the Remote Interoperability Protocol

    TeX 3

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