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Unfed Currency is an open-source project oriented to peoples that believe on the echonomic value of a fast, stable and anonymous currency totally decentralized from traditional system.

Born to have his own planned life cycle and based on the Blockchain technology, Unfed Currency does not aspire to be an alternative to Bitcoin, but want to create a stable and global peer-to-peer network of users that use Unfed as a solid payment gateway with very low-cost transactions.

Unlike most of cryptocurrency, Unfed Currency don’t need powerful or expensive hardware for generate value, but you can mine your coins directly within your Unfed client, always connected to a solid network of peers and nodes of users that will maintain the platform fast, stable and safe.

Unfed Currency use scrypt as a proof-of-work algorithm and, as open source project, we are always looking to start new partnerships with developers and contributors that want to help us to improve the project.

Official website: Twitter: @unfedcurrency Mail: Github:

Technical Specifications

scrypt proof-of-work algorithm 120 second block time target Coin maturity: 50 confirmations ~67 million total supply coins with 2,5% premined for future development, marketing & promotion Reward start from 600 coins, following an halving scheme described below Halving: occur every 21600 block (1 month) until 75 coins (block 86400) From block 86401 (5th month) reward is fixed 50 to coins per block From block 540000 (2 years) reward is halved again to 25 coins per block

Mining targets: 1st year ~ 34.5 mln coins (51% of total supply) 2nd year ~ 13 mln coins (19% of total supply) 3-4-5th year ~ 6.5 mln coins x year (10% of total supply per year) Total: 67 mln coins will be mined in five years.