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Unfetter Discover web application and container resources. Visit for more information about Unfetter projects.

System Requirements

Mac (OSX 10.10.3+)

No Longer Supported


We no longer support deployment on Windows systems. It is still possible with alterations, but we are focusing more on automated deployment through Ansible and scripts. And Windows Docker just works differently


The Project Setup

Unfetter Discover is built up from multiple docker containers that are available on Docker Hub ( All source code is in the unfetter-discover GitHub organization ( We use Ansible ( for configuration and deployment for production use.

Deploy for Demo

Its quick and simple to deploy a demo version of Unfetter with a single command. By Demo, we mean there is no user access controls.

mkdir unfetter-discover
cd unfetter-discover
git clone
cd unfetter
docker-compose up

It will take few minutes for the Docker images to download and build. Navigate to Unfetter Discover with Chrome or Firefox at https://localhost/

Production Build

For production use, you will need to use ansible playbooks to configure the User Access Control. We tried to use Ansible variables to control the creation and generation of Unfetter.

mkdir unfetter-discover
cd unfetter-discover
git clone
cd unfetter
cd ansible

Investigate the hosts.ini file. There a number of host types availabe. Each host type has a different set of variables in the ansible group_vars. For most cases, under [deployed] there shoudl be prod-uac

Open the file unfetter/ansible/group_vars/production.yml. Change any variables that are necessary. The variables are currently set to support local deployment. To build onto a remote system, change to ansible_connection, ansible_host and ansible_ssh_private_key_file are necessary.

UAC Authentication

For a UAC version of Unfetter, you can use GitHub or GitLab out of the box. You can change the Autentication services in the file unfetter-discover/unfetter/ansible/group_vars/uac.yml. To deploy so Unfetter Discover is accessible by others, you will need to change ui_domain and api_domain to point to the proper domain such as unfetter.local.

Configure GitHub/GitLab

You will need to make sure that there is an OAuth App for Unfetter Discover that is approved for use. When you build Unfetter, you will need to know the ClientID and the Client Secret. Look at Unfetter UAC Configuration for more instructions

Running Unfetter

To deploy, just run

ansible-playbook deploy.yml

Ansible will pull all the docker images from Docker Hub. You will be asked to enter your ClientID, Client Secret, and passwords.

Go to Unfetter at https://localhost/

User Setup


Ansible Playbooks

You can find out more about our playbooks at ###TODO###






The main project for the Unfetter-Discover application. This is the project that will hold the configuration files, the docker-compose files, issue tracking, and documentation








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