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📇💬 Emacs addon that makes BBDB show if a pal is online with ERC, open a chat with a single click
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Makes BBDB show if a pal is online with ERC, lets you click i to chat.

Usage: put (require 'bbdb2erc) in your ~/.emacs

When the BBDB window pops up, the minibuffer should tell you if the person is online (otherwise it’s silent). You can make it tell you again by pressing I in the bbdb window. You specify the nick(s) of the person in the `irc-nick’ field in BBDB, as in the erc-bbdb.el package.

This package also overrides the default binding of i in BBDB to start an ERC chat with the record at point. You can read the BBDB info manual by typing M-x bbdb-info instead, or return to the default binding with (define-key bbdb-mode-map (kbd "i") 'bbdb-info).

If you use Gnus, you might also want to go straight from a summary/article to a chat with the sender, put this in your ~/.emacs to achieve that: (define-key gnus-summary-mode-map (kbd "i") 'bbdb2erc-pm).

Requires BBDB version 3 (but see if you’re still using BBDB version 2).

Note: you should probably also install the package erc-bbdb.el, part of the erc-5.3-extras package, not in standard GNU Emacs. It should be available from if it’s not in your distro’s package manager. Read more about it at

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