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Build Status


A LaTeX Beamer template for presentations in English and German.


You need to have either a LaTeX installation with latexmk or Docker running on your PC to be able to build the source code.


Easy Initialization with GNU make

In the Makefile you may adjust the base variable to setup your git base directory relatively to the cloned directory.

First of all, run make to initialize the repository and execute the initial build. Thereafter, only run make in the cloned directory to recreate your pdf file.

Without make

  1. Remove the .git folder and the .gitmodules file to be able to create a new git repository
  2. First checkout all necessary submodules with git submodule init followed by git submodule update
  3. Create the directories graphic, code, images and content
  4. Copy meta/style/beamerthemeUniBa43.sty, meta/style/beamerthemeUniBa169.sty and meta/style/IEEEtran.bst to the root of your cloned directory.
  5. For versioning of your PDF files copy meta/style/gitinfo2-hook.txt to .git/hooks/post-checkout, .git/hooks/post-commit and .git/hooks/post-merge and make these copies executable.

Necessary Configurations

  1. Edit the config/metainfo.tex file to include
    • your name and your initials in the \author[]{} command,
    • the presentation date in \date{},
    • the title in \title{} and
    • the subtitle in \subtitle{}.
    • Additionally, you may specify subject and keywords for your presentation by providing entries for subject{} and \keywords{}
  2. Modify \gittrue to \gitfalse in config/metainfo.tex to disable git versioning.
  3. Edit the \selectlanguage{} command in project.tex to setup the language you write your submission in. Possible options are
    • ngerman
    • english

Generating the PDF

Use latexmk to generate a readable document, or use make all of the Makefile. If You use texmaker, set latexmk as your default build command

Cleaning Up

Run make clean or latexmk -C to remove the generated PDF and all temporary LaTeX files.