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The Unicode Consortium

The standards body for character encoding and internationalization.

Welcome to the Unicode Consortium on GitHub

The Unicode Consortium is the standards body for character encoding and internationalization of software and services. Read more about us. Repositories here are maintained by various technical committees, please see here for information about each commitee.

Copyright © 1991-2023 Unicode, Inc. Unicode and the Unicode Logo are registered trademarks of Unicode, Inc. in the United States and other countries. A CLA is required to contribute to Unicode projects - please refer to the file (or start a Pull Request) for more information.


  1. icu icu Public

    The home of the ICU project source code.

    C++ 2.6k 706

  2. cldr cldr Public

    The home of the Unicode Common Locale Data Repository

    Java 844 351

  3. message-format-wg message-format-wg Public

    Developing a standard for localizable message strings

    205 30

  4. icu4x icu4x Public

    Solving i18n for client-side and resource-constrained environments.

    Rust 1.3k 159


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