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This file credits all the contributors of the Unicorn engine project.
Key developers
Nguyen Anh Quynh <aquynh -at->
Dang Hoang Vu <dang.hvu -at->
Huitao Chen (chenhuitao)
Ziqiao Kong (lazymio)
KaiJernLau (xwings)
Beta testers (in no particular order)
Nguyen Tan Cong
Loi Anh Tuan
Edgar Barbosa
Joxean Koret
Chris Eagle
Jay Little, Trail of Bits
Jeong Wook Oh
Luis Miras
Yan Shoshitaishvili, Shellphish & UC Santa Barbara
Erik Fischer
Darel Griffin, NCC Group
Anton Cherepanov
Mohamed Saher (halsten)
Tyler Colgan
Jonathon Reinhart
Blue Skeye
Chris Maixner
Sergi Alvarez, aka pancake (author of radare)
Ryan Hileman
Tim "diff" Strazzere
WanderingGlitch of the Zero Day Initiative
Sascha Schirra
François Serman
Sean Heelan
Luke Burnett
Parker Thompson
Daniel Godas-Lopez
Antonio "s4tan" Parata
Corey Kallenberg
Gabriel Quadros
Fabian Yamaguchi
Ralf-Philipp Weinmann
Mike Guidry
Joshua "posixninja" Hill
Contributors (in no particular order)
(Please let us know if you want to have your name here)
Nguyen Tan Cong
Loi Anh Tuan
Shaun Wheelhouse: Homebrew package
Kamil Rytarowski: Pkgsrc package
Zak Escano: MSVC support.
Chris Eagle: Java binding
Ryan Hileman: Go binding
Antonio Parata: .NET binding
Jonathon Reinhart: C unit test
Sascha Schirra: Ruby binding
Adrian Herrera: Haskell binding
practicalswift: Various cool bugs found by fuzzing
farmdve: Memory leaking fix
Andrew Dutcher: uc_context_{save, restore} API.
Stephen Groat: improved CI setup.
David Zimmer: VB6 binding.
zhangwm: ARM & ARM64 big endian.
Mohamed Osama: FreePascal/Delphi binding.
Philippe Antoine (Catena cyber): fuzzing
Huitao Chen (chenhuitao) & KaiJern Lau (xwings): Cmake support
Huitao Chen (chenhuitao) & KaiJern Lau (xwings): Python3 support for building
Kevin Foo (chfl4gs): Travis-CI migration
Simon Gorchakov: PowerPC target
Stuart Dootson (studoot): MSVC compatibility with PowerPC target support
Ziqiao Kong (lazymio): uc_context_free() API and various bug fix & improvement.
Sven Almgren (blindmatrix): bug fix
Chenxu Wu (kabeor): Documentation