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Unicorn Utterances logo

Unicorn Utterances Website

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Master branch status: Master Branch Build Status

Integration branch status: Integration Branch Build Status

This repository acts as the source code location for the Unicorn Utterances blog

Important Files

Blog Posts

Should be located under content/blog/post-name-here. You should then have an file containing a frontmatter (with JS header, not YAML) portion and any related files should be in the same folder.

Author Data File

The author data file is located at src/data/unicorns.json 🦄

To add yourself as an author in a PR for a new post, you'd add your information as a new JSON object in the array, then add a profile picture to the data folder. The pronouns field should match an id in the pronouns.json (if yours is not listed, please add it as a new value in that file, we've tried to do our best to include everything we've found!)

If you do not want to show a profile picture or commit your picture to the repo, we have a myriad of emotes that can be used as profile pictures as well. They're adorable, go check! 🤩

🚀 Develop

To start the develop server, run npm run develop, it will then start the local instance at http://localhost:8000. You also have the ability to checkout the GraphiQL tool at http://localhost:8000/___graphql. This is a tool you can use to experiment with querying your data. Learn more about using this tool in the Gatsby tutorial.

Git Strategy

We loosely follow the Gitflow branching strategy where our development branch is called integration and our mainline branch is called master.

This means that any new pull requests should be made against integration unless it is an emergency hotfix (to be approved by the devops team).

We also have the master branch which is a live reflection of the code hosted on the server. Any time integration is pulled into master, the site will be deployed. A PR from integration to master should only be opened by a Unicorn Utterances team member and must be approved by at least one devops member

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