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Official UND Mainchain implementation
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UND Mainchain

Official Golang implementation of Unification Mainchain.

See Documentation for full guides.

Go Report Card Join the chat at

HD Wallet Path

BIP-0044 Path for our HD Wallets is as follows:


SLIP-0044 Coin ID is 5555

Pre-compiled binaries

The quickest way to obtain and run the und and undcli applications is to download the pre-compiled binaries from latest release


Compile und and undcli binaries and output to ./build

make build


Install und and undcli binaries into $GOPATH

make install

Dockerised und and undcli

The Dockerised binaries can be used instead of installing locally. The Docker container will use the latest release tag to build the binaries.

Build the container:

docker build -t undd .

Example commands, with mounted data directories:

$ docker run -it -p 26657:26657 -p 26656:26656 -v ~/.und_mainchain:/root/.und_mainchain -v ~/.und_cli:/root/.und_cli undd und init [node_name]
$ docker run -it -p 26657:26657 -p 26656:26656 -v ~/.und_mainchain:/root/.und_mainchain -v ~/.und_cli:/root/.und_cli undd und start

DevNet Enviroment

A complete DevNet environment, comprising of 3 EVs, a REST server, a reverse proxy server and several test wallets loaded with UND is available via Docker Compose compositions for development and testing purposes.

Local build

The local build copies the current local codebase to the Docker containers, and is used during development to test changes before committing to the repository.

docker-compose -f Docker/docker-compose.local.yml up --build
docker-compose -f Docker/docker-compose.local.yml down --remove-orphans

or using the make target:

make devnet
make devnet-down

Pure Upstream build

Pure upstream uses the master branch of this repository to build the binaries, and is useful for testing the latest master version.

docker-compose -f Docker/docker-compose.upstream.yml up --build
docker-compose -f Docker/docker-compose.upstream.yml down --remove-orphans

or using the make target:

make devnet-pristine
make devnet-pristine-down

REST API Endpoints

With DevNet up, the REST API endpoints can be seen via http://localhost:1318/swagger-ui/

Importing docker composition keys

The DevNet node keys can be imported locally for ease of testing:

undcli keys import node1 Docker/assets/keys/node1.key
undcli keys import node2 Docker/assets/keys/node2.key
undcli keys import node3 Docker/assets/keys/node3.key

A full list of DevNet accounts and keys for importing can be found in Docker/

Useful Defaults

undcli defaults for DevNet can be set as follows. This will set the corresponding values in $HOME/.und_cli/config/config.toml

undcli config chain-id UND-Mainchain-DevNet
undcli config node tcp://localhost:26661

undcli command overview

Query account

undcli query account und1chknpc8nf2tmj5582vhlvphnjyekc9ypspx5ay

Interacting with WRKChain module

Register: undcli tx wrkchain register --moniker="wrkchain1" --genesis="genesishashkjwnedjknwed" --name="Wrkchain 1" --base="geth" --from wrktest --gas=auto --gas-adjustment=1.15

then run:

undcli query tx [TX HASH]

this will return the generated WRKChain ID integer

Query metadata

undcli query wrkchain get 1

Filter WRKChain metadata

undcli query wrkchain search --moniker wrkchain1
undcli query wrkchain search --owner und1chknpc8nf2tmj5582vhlvphnjyekc9ypspx5ay
undcli query wrkchain search --page=2 --limit=100

Record block hash(es)

undcli tx wrkchain record 1 --wc_height=1 --block_hash="d04b98f48e8" --parent_hash="f8bcc15c6ae" --hash1="5ac050801cd6" --hash2="dcfd428fb5f9e" --hash3="65c4e16e7807340fa" --from wrktest --gas=auto --gas-adjustment=1.15

Query a block

undcli query wrkchain block 1 1



Interacting with BEACON module

Register: undcli tx beacon register --moniker=beacon1 --name="Beacon 1" --from wrktest

then run:

undcli query tx [TX HASH]

this will return the generated Beacon ID integer

Query metadata

undcli query beacon beacon 1

Record Timestamp hash

undcli tx beacon record 1 --hash=d04b98f48e8 --subtime=$(date +%s) --from wrktest --gas=auto --gas-adjustment=1.15

Query a Timestamp

undcli query beacon timestamp 1 1



Purchase Enterprise UND

Raise purchase order:

undcli tx enterprise purchase 1002000000000nund --from wrktest --gas=auto --gas-adjustment=1.15

List purchase orders:

undcli query enterprise get-all-pos

get specific purchase order:

undcli query enterprise get 1

Accept purchase order (must be sent from specified enterprise account)

undcli tx enterprise process 1 accept --from ent --gas=auto --gas-adjustment=1.15

Reject purchase order:

undcli tx enterprise process 1 reject --from ent --gas=auto --gas-adjustment=1.15

Query total locked enterprise UND

undcli query enterprise total-locked

Query locked enterprise UND for an account

undcli query enterprise locked [address]

Enterprise REST


Invariance checking

Start a full node with the --inv-check-period flag. Value of 1 will check every block for invariances:

und start --inv-check-period 1

Invariance Tx can be sent using:

undcli tx crisis invariant-broken enterprise module-account --from wrktest


test full app simulation

go test -mod=readonly ./simapp \
    -run=TestFullAppSimulation \
    -Enabled=true \
    -NumBlocks=500 \
    -BlockSize=300 \
    -Commit=true \
    -Seed=24 \
    -Period=1 \
    -PrintAllInvariants=true \
    -ExportParamsPath=/path/to/.simapp/params.json \
    -ExportStatePath=/path/to/.simapp/state.json \
    -ExportStatsPath=/path/to/.simapp/statistics.json \
    -Verbose=true \
    -v \
    -timeout 24h

benchmark test

go test -mod=readonly -benchmem -run=^$ -bench ^BenchmarkFullAppSimulation -Commit=true -cpuprofile /path/to/.simapp/cpu.out -v -timeout 24h

pprof tools

go tool pprof /path/to/.simapp/cpu.out
(pprof) top
(pprof) list [function]
(pprof) web
(pprof) quit
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