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Unit8 SA

Solving your most impactful problems via Big Data & AI

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  1. darts Public

    A python library for user-friendly forecasting and anomaly detection on time series.

    Python 5.9k 669

  2. vegans Public

    A library providing various existing GANs in PyTorch.

    HTML 470 37

  3. Appendix repository for Medium article "Routing Traveling Salesmen on Random Graphs using Reinforcement Learning, in PyTorch"

    Jupyter Notebook 34 19

  4. Appendix repository for Medium article "From Pandas-wan to Pandas-master"

    Jupyter Notebook 8 1

  5. repository to store assets for amld 2022 forecasting and meta learning workshop.

    Jupyter Notebook 7 1

  6. Workshop about detecting pneumonia in X-Ray images

    Jupyter Notebook 5 7



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