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Unitary Fund

Unitary Fund is a non-profit that supports the open development of the quantum technology ecosystem.

Learn more about what we do at

Adding a Unitary Fund Badge

If you are a project affiliated with Unitary Fund you can add the badge to your GitHub project using the following snippet:

[![Unitary Fund](](

This will be rendered as:

Unitary Fund

Writing a blog post

To add a blog post, create a new markdown file ( in the src/content/blog/ directory. The following template post can be used to start from scratch, or check out one of the existing blog posts (markdown example, live render).

title: post title
author: author one and author two
day: 7
month: 2
year: 2023

# This is a heading style one

**This is a featured paragraph it cannot contain bold text but can contain [links](**

More text


## This is a heading in heading style two

This is a standard paragraph with a [hyperlink]( **This is bold paragraph text**.

- this is a list item
- this is **bold** list item
- this is a long list item which has lots of words in it and will probably break onto a second or even a third line so we can make sure it looks as it is intended too. Can even have multiple sentences within a list item.
- this is a list item with a [link]( added in it.

### This is a heading in heading style three introducing a video

#### This is a heading in heading style four

## Including code snippets with gists
A supported way to include code snippets is by embedding gists.
Gists are code snippets that you can create on Github.
Learn how to create one [here](, and don't forget to ensure it is public!
Once created, use the hash from the gist URL with the syntax below.


Once your post is ready, open a pull request (PR)!

The Vercel automation will create a preview you can access by clicking the "Visit preview" link that shows up in the bot comment. If the changes look good, request a review by tagging one of the UF team members (e.g., @nathanshammah).

Adding images

To add an image in a page, there are two options:

  1. (No Code option): Go to and upload your desired image. Copy the code it returns after upload, e.g, d394zg4utwqxynenamqf, and use the syntax ::image[d394zg4utwqxynenamqf] to insert it. Note that this option is the required one for adding a cover image to a new event.

  2. Upload the image to public/images/ and embed it into the desired page using the ![alt text](/images/your_image.png) syntax.

Adding a new grant

To add a new grant, create a markdown file ( under the src/content/grant/ folder. An example file is this 2023 grant to TorchQuantum. Make sure to edit the keys correctly, e.g. use alpha-2 code for the country key, as shown below

name: TorchQuantum
year: 2023
month: 4
day: 24
country: US
  - python
  - simulator
  - quantum
To **Hanrui Wang** to further develop **[TorchQuantum](**, a Quantum classical simulation framework based on PyTorch.

Run the website locally

Information on how to run the website locally are given in the developer docs wiki.