Efficient WMI via SMT-Based Predicate Abstraction
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Python 2 Python 3 implementation of the method presented in:

Efficient WMI via SMT-Based Predicate Abstraction
Paolo Morettin, Andrea Passerini, Roberto Sebastiani, in Proceedings of IJCAI 2017

(the latest python 2 release can be found in Releases > last_py2_version)

Required software:

LattE's binary folder must be present in the PATH environment variable.

In order to run the comparison with PRAiSE, the command line interface .jar must be called praise.jar and must be located in src/thirdparties/.

The version used in the experiments reported in the paper is provided.


We provide some examples that show how to write a model and evaluate weighted model integrals on it. To run the code in examples/, type: python exampleX.py


The experiments/ folder contains the code used to run the experiments reported in the paper. Each experiment folder comes with Shell scripts that show how to run them.

A sample dataset for the Strategic Road Network is provided in experiments/srn/data/. It needs to be uncompressed before running the experiment.