Security audit utility for PAN candidate generation
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Security audit utility for PAN candidate generation

This software is provided to the community to help defend online merchant infrastructure. Please do not abuse it.

Building this software

ccsiege requires the boost library to compile (boost_system should be sufficient.) You can compile from source, or just use your system's package manager.

On Ubuntu, you can install it with the following:

$ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install libboost-system-dev

On macOS, you can use homebrew.

$ sudo brew install boost

With boost installed, you should be able to just run make to compile a binary.

$ make

This code should be portable enough to build on Microsoft Windows, though this has not yet been tested.

Using ccsiege

Please use the --help flag to get a full list of features. An example of usage could be:

$ ccsiege --walk --issuers <issuer> --country <country code> --vendors <vendors>

The quality of the results are dependant on the quality of the iin.txt file. Although this file is not definitive, it is fairly comprehensive and will still be heavily effective at targeting common keyspaces. Contributions to the iin.txt file can help increase the quailty of filtering and are welcome in pull-requests.

Some more information can be found at: