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A simple inline calendar for Telegram bots
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Date Selection tool for Telegram Bots

A simple inline calendar for Telegram bots written in Python using python-telegram-bot. Based on calendar-telegram.


The file proved the API to create an inline keyboard for a Telegram Bot. The user can either select a date or move to the next or previous month by clicking a singe button.


The file provides the user with two methods:

  • create_calendar: This method returns a InlineKeyboardMarkup object with the calendar in the provided year and month.
  • process_calendar_selection: This method can be used inside a CallbackQueryHandler method to check if the user has selected a date or wants to move to a different month. It also creates a new calendar with the same text if necessary.


To use the telecram-calendar-keyboard you need to have python-telegram-bot installed first. A full working example on how to use telegram-calendar-keyboard is provided in As you can see below, you create a calendar and add it to a message with a reply_markup parameter and then you can process it in a callbackqueyhandler method using the process_calendar_selection method:

def calendar_handler(bot,update):
    update.message.reply_text("Please select a date: ",

def inline_handler(bot,update):
    selected,date = telegramcalendar.process_calendar_selection(bot, update)
    if selected:
                        text="You selected %s" % (date.strftime("%d/%m/%Y")),

For a more complex example please check out renfe-notifier-bot


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