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HFSExplorer 0.23

@unsound unsound released this
· 148 commits to master since this release
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  • Feature: Support for files compressed with HFS+ compression methods 3 and 4
    (introduced starting with Mac OS X 10.6). Compressed files are indicated with
    blue colour in HFSExplorer.
  • Feature: Support in HFSExplorer for extracting extended attributes to
    AppleDouble files.
  • Feature: Support for Mac OS X sparse image (.sparseimage) files.
  • Enhancement: Add support for UDIF images larger than 2 GiB.
  • Bugfix: Fix regressions in the UDIF XML and zlib-compression code which broke
    UDIF image support.
  • Bugfix: Fix broken parsing of non-ASCII XML data in UDIF file.
  • Bugfix: Fix incorrect data being extracted for multiple-extent files.
  • Bugfix: Windows installer now installs HFSExplorer shortcuts in 'All users'
    instead of the user-specific start menu directory.
  • Bugfix: Windows uninstaller didn't clean up files in newly added directories.
  • Many other small fixes. See the git log for more info: