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HFSExplorer 2020.9.16

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@unsound unsound released this
· 1 commit to f845a86bda7e60945a6b41a18d5d1c3b18ed5742 since this release
  • Change version scheme to be based on release date.

  • Bugfix: Fix broken resource fork access.
    See: #10

  • Bugfix: Fix broken unhfs option '-resforks APPLEDOUBLE'.

  • Enhancement: The tree traversal process is now less sensitive to metadata
    corruption in leaf nodes, i.e. more data can now be extracted from corrupted

  • Enhancement: Improve compatibility with certain seemingly incorrect Apple
    Partition Map layouts with mismatching sector size.

  • Enhancement: Select device dialog updates devices when acquiring focus and
    when autodetect button is pressed. Previously any device attached to the
    system after opening the dialog was not seen until the dialog was closed and
    then reopened.

  • Enhancement: Volume autodetection now shows the volume name in addition to the
    device name, making it easier to find the right volume.

  • Enhancement: Volume autodetection can now detect volumes in MBR extended boot
    records (DOS extended partitions).

  • Enhancement: Add new option '-sfm_subsitutions' to unhfs, translating Windows-
    incompatible filenames to a Windows-friendly form.

  • Enhancement: Fix missing folder icons in UI when the look & feel does not
    provide a default one (fall back to our own custom folder icon).

  • Enhancement: Add support for running HFSExplorer in Windows NT 4.0 (JRE
    1.5.0_06 tested). (MBR partition support is limited for USB removable drives
    due to OS limitations.)

  • Many other fixes. See the git log for more info: