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Unstoppable Domains

Building decentralized digital identities for the world

Unstoppable Domains

The #1 provider of NFT domains

Unstoppable Domains are NFT domains that let you create and own your digital identity and will help shape the future of Web3.

The Unstoppable Name Service (UNS) is built on Ethereum and utilizes Polygon as a Layer 2 scaling solution. This allows us to provide NFT domains directly to individuals and businesses for a one-time purchase with no renewal fees, minting fees, or gas fees.

An Unstoppable NFT domain acts as a cryptocurrency address, login, universal username, and decentralized website URL. Learn more about NFT domains, crypto, NFTs, and Unstoppable Domains by visiting our website, checking out our YouTube channel, and listening to our podcast.

Check out some of the DApps collaborating with Unstoppable like Coinbase Wallet, Dehive, Trust Wallet, Cook.Finance, WallStreetBets, Saddle Finance, and more!

If you are a developer, or would like to submit an app to integrate with Unstoppable Domains, visit our documentation page.

Need assistance? Reach out to us on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram, or visit our Help Center.

We're hiring!

Unstoppable Domains’ remote, international team is made up of a wide range of diverse experiences, languages, cultures, nationalities and backgrounds. We are proud to be an inclusive employer with team members in over 18 countries. Join us!


  1. uauth Public

    Libraries for integrating Unstoppable Authentication (UAuth)

    TypeScript 52 38

  2. uns Public

    UNS (Unstoppable Naming Service)

    TypeScript 70 42

  3. zns Public

    Zilliqa Naming Service

    TypeScript 27 9

  4. resolution Public

    A library to resolve blockchain domain names.

    TypeScript 210 78

  5. CLI tool for resolving unstoppable domains

    Go 24 4