Docker container that uses docker-gen and Google Cloud DNS via gcloud to manage DNS records
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Docker container that uses docker-gen and Google Cloud DNS via gcloud to automatically manage (add/remove) DNS records based on Docker container info of container host.


Ready for alpha testing. Ready for Rancher catalog stack inclusion alpha testing.


Any container that has VIRTUAL_HOST env set will be added to your Google Cloud DNS managed zone. You will need to install your valid per host credentials in /var/log/dockprox/gc-credentials.json You need to set two container ENV vars as shown below. One for the Google CLoud project and another for the DNS zone to be managed.

Example Use

 docker build -t unxsio/gcdns-genbot .
 #install gc-credentials.json in /var/local/dockprox on host
 docker run --restart unless-stopped --name gcdns-genbot --env cGCDNSProject=adhoc-dev --env cGCDNSZone=sistemasadhoc-com\
 -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock:ro -v /var/local/dockprox:/var/local/dockprox -d unxsio/gcdns-genbot


Use docker ps|grep gcdns-genbot to get your container short tag (here we use ccb87c3fbc3c for examples below)

Check ENV, make sure cGCDNS vars are correct:

 docker exec ccb87c3fbc3c env

Check credentials, one must be ACTIVE:

 docker exec ccb87c3fbc3c /google-cloud-sdk/bin/gcloud auth list

Check DNS environment, must show cGCDNSZone:

 docker execdocker exec /google-cloud-sdk/bin/gcloud dns managed-zones list

Check your zone records using cGCDNSZOne (here we use sistemasadhoc-com as an example):

 docker exec ccb87c3fbc3c /google-cloud-sdk/bin/gcloud dns record-sets list --zone=sistemasadhoc-com

Check last docker-gen changes (already exist errors are normal):

 docker exec ccb87c3fbc3c cat /tmp/

Known issues

See github Issues

Manually Authenticate with More Options

docker exec ccb87c3fbc3c /google-cloud-sdk/bin/gcloud init