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This is a web project that I wrote primarily to learn Clojure (and Clojurescript!). It's very alpha and so a little rough around the edges, but as I have time and/if there's any interest, I'd be happy to add more functionality.

Itch: You are working with Maven and would like a helpful view of all the jars and classes on your project's classpath.

Scratch: When this webapp is started from within a directory that is a maven project, it will use the pom to find jar dependencies and then display a nice web page that allows you to browse and search the classes that are being included the classpath by maven.

Watch a 3 minute video of how to use inside you're maven project:

Directory Layout

  • src/main/clj

Contains clojure serve side code

  • src/test/clj

Server side unit tests

  • src/test/resources

Stuff used by server unit tests

  • src/main/cljs

Contains clojurescript client side stuff

  • serve-project/stylesheets

Contains the sass stylesheets. These are automatically converted to css files inside resources/public/stylesheets

  • resources/public

Static resources that are all bundled up and included in the war. Stylesheets are generated from stylesheets sass files. Javascript is generated from src/main/cljs. Html is generated by exporting serve haml views.


Start Compojure Web Server

lein ring server

Run Unit tests

lein test

Start a Clojure REPL

In Emacs:

lein swank

Then, in emacs:


Outside of Emacs (but why?!!!):

lein repl

Server Features

Find all jars on classpath





Search for jar by name


(search-jars <name>)



Find all classes in a jar


(get-classes-in-zip <path-to-jar>)

REST (wip, need to finish)


Searches inside jars in pom.xml for class by name


(search-classes <class-name>)



Search for classes within jars


(get-classes-in-zips [jar-file1 jar-file2] ... etc)



or filter by class name: 

or filter AND page the results

Front End (Clojurescript, Sass, Haml)

I'm using a few technologies here including Clojurescript, and a ruby gem called "Serve" (that uses haml, and sass).

Ruby Serve Project

This is also a Serve project just for convenience of having compass, sass and haml available. Run serve at the command line and then browse to port 4000.

Use serve export . resources/public, then rename haml files to html.


Start a clojure repl then do the following to compile cljs to javascript.

(use 'cljs.closure)
(def opts {:output-to "resources/public/javascripts/javabrowser.js" :output-dir "resources/public/javascripts/out"})
(build "src/main/cljs" opts)

The haml files can then use the the js. You can also play around with cljs files inside a cljs browser repl (use browser-repl shell script, or, in emacs, call inferior-lisp with it set to use browser-repl).

Building and deploying


This compiles clojurescript into javascript code and copies resulting javascript a well as required css and images from closure project into the serve-project.

Start serve

At this point, you can use the serve command to play around with stylesheets and html layouts


This exports stuff out of serve and puts it into resources/public/ so that it can be used by the java webapp.

Start jetty

At this point you can run the java webapp using lein ring server

Create war

Change the version in project.clj and maven-project/pom.xml.

lein ring uberwar

Deploy as Maven Plugin

Copy the uberwar to src/main/resources/javabrowser.war, then cd into maven-plugin and do a mvn install

Use locally as maven plugin

At this point, you can add it as a maven depencency to local projects like this:


Then use mvn javabrowser:start


Ideas for future versions

  • Make all class and interface names in class details click thru links

  • Add ability to drill down into source code using maven capabilities

  • Add ability to toggle between runtime, test and provided scopes

  • Maybe make it a hosted webapp where (in addition to local maven plugin)? People could search for jars similar to findjars website and then have ability to search and inspect classes.

Version 0.0.3 (Released Oct 31 2011)

  • Figured out how to use requiresDependencyResolution to include project's depenendencys inside the custom mojo.

  • Added more features for parsing maven pom.xml such as ability to replace property tokens

  • Converted jquery to clojurescript

  • Changed UI to use combo box to select jars, then changed back to use list. Learned a lot about google closure widgets ;-)

  • Fixed relative file path so it works in prod jar and in lein ring server (sort of)


Copyright (C) 2011 Dave Paroulek (

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.


Browse and search for classes in jars on a java project's classpath



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