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Provides a directive for the Uploadcare widget.
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Provides a directive for the Uploadcare Widget.

Angular 2+ wrapper for Uploadcare Widget:

Looking for a dead-simple way to integrate image uploading/cropping with your Angularjs project? Then look no further! Uploadcare provides a fantastic widget for uploading images from multiple sources. From their site:

We handle files, so you don’t have to. Uploadcare is a service that helps media creators, businesses and developers store, process and deliver visual content to their clients.

Combine this with the power of Angular and you've got yourself an image uploading solution that's far better than most other offerings.

Note: I am in no way affiliated with Uploadcare. I was looking to add better image uploading to an Angular app and found Uploadcare to be one of the best solutions out there. Since there wasn't a directive for Angular, I decided to make one.



bower install angular-uploadcare


  • Install Uploadcare Widget and add it to your page or bundle.
  • Add angular-uploadcare.js to your page or bundle.
  • Add ng-uploadcare as a dependency for your app.
  • Insert the uploadcare-widget directive into your template file:
  data-tabs="file url"
  value="{{ }}"


This directive supports any of the configuration options defined by Uploadcare. In addition, it also supports the following options:

  • ng-model The value to bind to
  • on-upload-complete Fires once the file has been uploaded (and cropped if set). This function will receive the file object from Uploadcare
  • value Used to set the value for the input. Useful when you want to prepopulate the input value from elsewhere

Upgrade guide

0.1.x -> 0.2.0

Directive is based on attribute instead of element now, so you should just replace <uploadcare-widget> with <input uploadcare-widget>


Bring it on! I'll gladly accept PR's that are for the greater good of the module.


MIT Baby!

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