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A list of community hackathon projects and other experiments.
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uPort Community Projects

A list of uPort community projects.

How It Works

Have you recently attended a hackathon or actively developing a decentralized application useing uPort's self-sovereign identity platform? Awesome! We would love to learn about it. And also support the project by funding project bounties, providing 1-on-1 support and understanding how we can create a better developer experience.

uPort will even pay you (DAI stable tokens) to share your decentralized application with other developers.

It's simple. Make a pull request with the project details, so the rest of the world can see what you're building and well send you 5 DAI in 24 hours or less. Plus, write an article or record a video of the project and we'll payout an additional 15 DAI.

uPort will send you DAI stable tokens upon approval of the pull request using Gitcoin's Tip Tool

Submit a Project - Earn 5 DAI

Earn 5 DAI by creating a pull request and adding the project to the hackathon-projects: hackathon, project name, description, links (github, devpost, medium, youtube, etc...) and project author credits.


  1. Submit a Pull Request with hackathon, name of project, description and github (devpost) links.

Write Article - Earn 15 DAI

Earn 15 DAI by writing an article about your project: who, what, when, where and why.


  1. Write an article with a minimum of 500 words
  2. Explain why uPort was included in the decentralized application
  3. Submit a Pull Request with the name of project, description, github (devpost) and link to Medium article.

Record Video - Earn 15 DAI

Earn 15 DAI by recording a video explaining the hackathon project: who, what, when, where and why.


  1. Record a video demonstrating the project. Minimum 4 minutes. Must include explanation of project.
  2. Explain why uPort was included in the decentralized application
  3. Submit a Pull Request with the name of project, description, github (devpost) and link to YouTube video.

We suggest using to record a screencast quickly and easily.

Know 2018 - One World Identity


The DigiPort IOS Application utilizes uPort’s decentralized identity platform and centralized account import/export features to save potential KYC (know your customer) information using uPort’s attestations system.

Using simple hashing techniques the DigiPort IOS application can easily verify identity information (name, email, address, etc…) across multiple centralized services. Once the data is confirmed (exact matches) across multiple applications that information is saved as an attestation within the uPort application.



Feel Good

A blood donation system which provides end to end traceability through web and mobile. A donation center authorized by the government (Like Red Cross, Denver) takes donors information and signs it using uPort (calling a smart contract) which logs the information and stores it using events.

Accolades: FeelGood project was a winner of the Ethdenver hackathon project.





RefugeID is a decentralized platform for storing the identity, documentation, and movement of displaced individuals around the world.





Our project provides a straightforward process for clients to send ERC20 tokens to exchanges to be traded without requiring ether to be present in the clients wallets. This web interface functions using uPort, the 0x orderbook, a small store of ether to fulfill the gas payments needed to forward client tokens. Clients specify parameters of the token they want to send, and the address they are trying to send to. ETH Tollway makes full use of the reputation and attestation solutions uPort provides in order to trust the users with deposited ether.




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