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uPort Registry

The uport registry is a contract which is used in the uport system to link attributes to identities. This repo contains the contract code as well as a library for interacting with the registry.

Deployed Contracts

The registry has been deployed at the following locations:

  • Ropsten Testnet: 0x41566e3a081f5032bdcad470adb797635ddfe1f0
  • Kovan: 0x5f8e9351dc2d238fb878b6ae43aa740d62fc9758
  • Rinkeby: 0x2cc31912b2b0f3075a87b3640923d45a26cef3ee
  • Mainnet: 0xab5c8051b9a1df1aab0149f8b0630848b7ecabf6


$ npm i --save uport-registry

Using the contract

By installing this library you get access to a truffle-contract compatible json file. You can import this into your project to use the uport registry on any network it is deployed on, truffle-contract will automatically detect which network you are on. Use the following code to get the deployed instance of the registry:

const registryArtifact = require('uport-registry')
const Contract = require('truffle-contract')
const Registry = Contract(registryArtifact)
let registry = Registry.deployed()

The contract has two functions set and get.


Setting a value can be done in the following way:

let key = 'myKey'     // a string (bytes32) value used for namespacing
let subject = 0x123.. // an address, if you want to register something to
                      // your own identity you should use your own address.
let value = 'myValue' // a string (bytes32), the data you want to register.
                      // Could be an ipfs hash for example.
registry.set(key, subject, value)

Note that when you register something the account you send the transaction from gets set as the issuer of the registered data.


To get data out of the registry you can do the following:

let key = 'myKey'     // a string (bytes32) value used for namespacing
let issuer = 0x123... // an address, the account that registered the data
let subject = 0x123.. // an address, the account that the data is registered to, issuer, subject).then((value) => {
  // value is the registered data.

Note that if you are looking for self issued data issuer and subject will be the same address

Development of this code base

Clone the repo and install yarn on your system. run yarn install to install all node_modules.


After making changes to the contract use yarn compile-contract to create the json artifact.

Running tests

yarn test

Note: The tests currently timeout instead of throwing exceptions


To deploy the registry we used truffle, but our deploy script has a special option in order to specify the previous version of the registry. So to deploy a new version of the registry, do the following:

truffle migrate --network <name of eth network> --prevAddr <address of previous registry version>


Core uPort registry contract for linking attributes to uPort identities. DEPRECATED




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