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Drag & drop elements onto a world map view (or other images) to create a fully custom (and awesome) up.time dashboard!


If running on the up.time Monitoring Station (which already includes Apache+PHP with the necessary modules), simply edit the up.time php.ini file (uptime_dir/apache/php/php.ini) and uncomment the following lines:

  • extension=php_curl.dll You will still have to download the latest version of libCURL (link above) and place it in the "[uptime_dir]/apache/php/ext/" directory.


  • Install the up.time Controller (API) on the same system
  • Download and extract this project (uptime-status-map-dashboard) into a "/world_map" sub-directory in "[uptime_dir]/GUI/". The files should be placed in: "[uptime_dir]/GUI/world_map". We can then access the UI with the link: "http://[uptime_dir]/world_map"
  • In the "world_map" directory there are two ".js" files that we need to edit to make this work:
    • /js/uptime.mapEditor.js
    • /js/uptime.viewDashboard.js
    • Edit both files and insert the correct values for the following:

Setup global variables:

var uptime_host = 'localhost';
var uptime_user = 'admin';
var uptime_pass = 'admin';
var uptime_port = 9997;
var uptime_ver = 'v1';
var uptime_ssl = true;
var uptime_ui_url = "https://" + uptime_host + ":9999";
  • Now we can access the interface by navigating to: http://[uptime_dir]/world_map
  • It will also be easier to access if we can add the dashboard and management interface to the up.time UI with the steps below.

Adding the Dashboard to a Custom Tab under "My Portal"

  • Click on the "Config" tab at the top, and then click on "up.time Configuration"

  • Enter the following to add a custom tab to My Portal:

    myportal.custom.tab1.enabled=true Status Maps myportal.custom.tab1.URL=/world_map/

Adding a Map Dashboard to the Custom Tab under "GlobalScan"

Once you create a dashboard, you can copy the URL and put it on GlobalScan for everyone to view. To add a custom tab to the up.time GlobalScan view:

  • Click on the "Config" tab at the top, and then click on "up.time Configuration"

  • Enter the following: Dashboard[DASHBOARD_NAME]

Sample Screenshot