Ethereum Block Explorer (ETHExplorer V2) - Realtime Price Ticker, Shapeshift Integration, etc.
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ETHExplorer V2 based off

ETHExplorer V2 Screenshot


The code in this branch is licensed under GPLv3 (see LICENSE file)

Feel free to modify or reuse the code here.


git clone

npm install

bower install

npm start

Make sure to install gur as well for the UR explorer to be able to function. Then run:

gur --rpc --rpcaddr localhost --rpcport 9595 --rpcapi "web3,eth" --rpccorsdomain "http://localhost:8000"

Then visit http://localhost:8000 in your browser of choice after you npm start the explorer

##Updates since original etherpaty/explorer base:

-Regular Expressions completed for Addresses, Block #s, and Transacions IDs (aka Search works great)

-The theme is based off Bootstrap V3 for responsive design.

-You can easily change from a dark or light theme utilizing

-There is a basic API implemented now as well as well as a UR Blockchain Information page

-Realtime UR/USD Price Ticker

-Realtime UR Hashrate

-Address Pages are integrated with Shapeshift to easily send a payment to an address.

-Responsive design

-Fontawesome Icons

-Block Time Averages

-Gas Prices/Limits

-Total/Current Difficulty

-Realtime latest blocks and recent transactions

-Other random blockchain info stats were added