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Simple Python library to interface with Superfeedr's pubsubhubbub interface.
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A simple library designed to make it easy to add and remove feeds from Superfeedr's PubSubHubbub API. Includes support for hub.secret.


Developed and used at Urban Airship and released under the MIT License.

Harper Reed's gae-superfeedr-shell provided inspiration for part of this code. Thanks Harper!

Example Usage

Setting up pubsubsuperfeedr:

>>> import pubsubsuperfeedr
>>> sf = pubsubsuperfeedr.Superfeedr(settings.SUPERFEEDR_USERNAME, settings.SUPERFEEDR_PASSWORD)

Validating a feed to make sure that it has at least one readable entry:

>>> sf.verify_feed_url("")

Note that this is just a really simple wrapper around feedparser and sometimes feedparser can read things that Superfeedr can't.

Adding a feed:

>>> sf.add_feed("", "", "some_verify_token", "some_secret")

add_feed expects the feed you're wanting to watch, then the callback URL, and optionally a verify token and feed secret.

Removing a feed:

>>> sf.remove_feed("", "", "some_secret")

Removing a feed is basically the same as adding a feed.

Verifying a secret (in Django):

>>> sf.verify_secret("some_secret", request.raw_post_data, request.META.get("HTTP_X_HUB_SIGNATURE", ""))


To run the tests, first make sure that nose and mox are installed. Then:

$ nosetests

And you're off an running.

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