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Java OpenAL JNA Wrapper by Uri Shaked

Copyright (c) 2012 Uri Shaked (Website)

Released under the open source GPL+CE (Classpath Exception) License.

You can use this wrapper with the free OpenAL Soft implementation found in The OpenAL Soft Homepage The above page includes a source package, as well as pre-compiled win32 dll.

The library enables you to easily integrate true 3D surround sound into your applications. It supports stereo 3D sound, quadraphonic (4-speaker) configuration, 5.1 and 7.1 surround speaker configurations.

Example Code:

The following code shows how to load and play a simple wave file:

Basic example - Load and play a wave file

OpenAL openal = new OpenAL();
Source source = openal.createSource(new File("sample.wav"));;

Advanced example - Set source parameters

source.setGain(0.75f); 		// 75% volume
source.setPitch(0.85f); 	// 85% of the original pitch
source.setPosition(-1, 0, 0); // -1 means 1 unit to the left
source.setLooping(true); 	// Loop the sound effect
Thread.sleep(10000);     	// Wait for 10 seconds

Finally, clean up


You can create multiple sources and play them simultaneously. You can also change any of the source parameters while the source is playing.

Using the library in your project

To use this library with your project, the OpenAL DLL/shared library must be available on your system's path. By default, the library uses the OpenAL Soft implementation, which can be downloaded from here.

Maven users

Add the following dependency to your pom.xml:


Download the jars directly (without Maven)

If you do not use maven with your project, you can download the latest release jars directly from the Maven Central Repository. You will also need to add the JNA jars to your classpath. You can download JNA from here.


OpenAL JNA Wrappers for Java






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