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About UrlHum

UrlHum is a modern, privacy-aware and fast URL Shortener built with PHP and the Laravel Framework. At the moment UrlHum is heavily under development, so we recommend you to don't use it in production.

UrlHum Screenshot

If you want, you can join our official Telegram Group.

What are UrlHum features?

UrlHum provides you advanced privacy-oriented options, such as IP hashing and anonymizing. More, you control pretty anything from the admin panel: you can decide if an unauthenticated user must be able to create a Short URL, if disallowing certain Short URLs from being created and so much more!

UrlHum offers in-depth analytics while still respecting users privacy. You can see clicks, real clicks, countries visits and HTTP referers from the admin panel. To view an URL analytics, it's enough to add a + after the Short URL!

How to install UrlHum?

You can learn how to install UrlHum following the documentation we provide.


Thank you for considering contributing to UrlHum. You can send a pull request and we will take a look at it!


UrlHum is open source and is licensed under the MIT License