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1 parent 26d521c commit 8fc103a591064f2a74c18a63cf76b6640e4650be @ursetto committed Jul 5, 2012
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@@ -88,3 +88,4 @@ a77ae51 Fix finalizer size check: if it's bigger, we're already using one slot b
46bd6d4 Add finalizer test, which was accidentally left out of commit 8a6d9a46185f4ae0498792840a5ebda659eaed61 (cherry picked from commit a9bd42146f2debc6f651123488d7e6a870ce3ab0)
186b26b Avoid using / in xsubstring and string-xcopy!, since srfi-13 is compiled with (declare (fixnum))
2b4c7d6 Add tests for SRFI-13 (adapted from Gauche) and update LICENSE
+f0bf7d0 Add tests/srfi-13-tests.scm to manifest

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