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Leaflet plugin for @pyalot's webgl heatmap library.
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WebGL Heatmap Leaflet Plugin

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A Leaflet plugin for @pyalot's webgl heatmap library.

As @pyalot explains in his post, High Performance JS heatmaps, sometimes there is a need to be able to draw hundreds of thousands of data points to a map (and not have your browser crash due to lag).

We used his library to create a WebGL alternative to Leaflet's existing heatmap plugins.

See the example



via npm:

npm install leaflet-webgl-heatmap 


Set up your map

var base = L.tileLayer( tileURL );
var map ='mapid', {
	layers : [base],
	center : [44.65, -63.57],
	zoom: 12 

Initialize Heatmap

var heatmap = new L.webGLHeatmap({
    size: diameter-in-meters

OR in pixels (doesn't scale with zoom levels):

var heatmap = new L.webGLHeatmap({
    size: diameter-in-pixels,
    units: 'px'

Add Data

You should have an array of arrays in format: [[lat, lng]...] or be explicit with the point intensities: [[lat, lng, intensity]...]

var dataPoints = [[44.6674, -63.5703, 37], [44.6826, -63.7552, 34], [44.6325, -63.5852, 41], [44.6467, -63.4696, 67], [44.6804, -63.487, 64], [44.6622, -63.5364, 40], [44.603, - 63.743, 52]];

With this you can add the whole dataset with heatmap.setData(dataPoints).

Add heatmap to map

map.addLayer( heatmap );


  • size (in meters or pixels)
  • units (m or px)
  • opacity (for the canvas element)
  • gradientTexture (image url or image)
  • alphaRange (adjust transparency by changing to value between 0 and 1)


  • multiply (alter the intensity values of all points by a given number)


  • MIT: see mit-license
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