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English Please

(I will add chinese version of this repo as soon as possible for Chinese friends to understand better.)

This is an offer for repositories whose README are written in Chinese.

Most people are disappointed when they see too many Chinese repos on Github trendings. There are only a limited number of trending repos and it is not possible to read close to half of them. This upsets most developers and ruins their habit of checking trending repos to discover more great open software.

This script checks the trending repos and it will automatically open an issue to the Chinese language repos requesting for English translation.

For installation check is a issue context. contains opened repos issues.

Note : If you see any Chinese repos that seems interesting to you, you can use to open an issue to that repo.

We want to say just one thing:

What is the problem with Chinese README's

Firstly, we congratulate you for getting so much star by sharing this repository with humanity.

But it is very disappointing for non-Chinese speakers when one couldn't understand what a trending repository is about.

When we see such a repo on trending, our minds are blurring like Gollum's.

Gollum Image

There is a way you can help to solve this disappointment which I believe is experienced by many people who want to know more about your valuable work and appreciate it.

What we want:

  • Please add English translation of your README so you are sharing your work and knowledge with more people.

How this will help you:

  • More feedback to fix and improve your project.
  • New ideas about your project.
  • Greater fame.
  • SungerBob Image

“Sharing knowledge is the most fundamental act of friendship. Because it is a way you can give something without loosing something.”

— Richard Stallman


This project is licensed under GLWTPL


It is built for educational purposes only. If you choose to use it otherwise, the developers will not be held responsible. Please, do not use it with evil intent.


Offer for repositories whose README are written in Chinese.







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