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Public Adfree DNS over HTTPS Server
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Public adfree DNS over HTTPS (DoH) resolver

We run a public strictly non-logging DNS over HTTPS (DoH) server with advertising and tracker filtering. This repo provides both instructions for mobile clients and the general setup files.

Android Setup with Jigsaw Intra App

1. Install Intra App

2. Set DoH Server to

intra config intra_working

Analyse Queries

Advertising and tracking services receive NX responses.

intra show queries intra blocked queries

General recommendations

Our adfree DoH server works best with mobile apps. DNS-based blocking is very coarse-grained. We therefore recommend you use decent browsers with blocking extensions and use our Apps primarily to counter mobile app tracking. You can exclude e.g. your mobile browser from Intra.

intra exclude apps

Host your own usable privacy DNS (updns) setup

  • docker-compose.yml spawns your own custom blocking DoH server.
    • The Docker compose setup is prepared for deployment with traefik (edge routing + TLS)
  • Basic updns Services
    • doh deploys dnsdist in Docker to provide DoH over HTTP
    • nameserver deploys dnsmasq in Docker for filtering, ruleset see blacklist.conf
  • Other Services

Markus Donko-Huber (2019)

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