Consumer Laptop Hardware

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Consumer Desktop PC Hardware

Format as follows:

  • Brand, Model, Date: Result Extra information

Testing Results

  • Apple, MacBook, 2014 - 2016: Not vulnerable
    Systems not vulnerable. USB Killer unable to discharge. Macbooks use opto-couplers to protect data-lines. Except as demonstrated

  • Asus, C201PA: Vulnerable
    Device immediately disabled

  • HTC, Shift x9500, 2007: Vulnerable
    Device immediately disabled, will not restart after test. Also disabled Windows mobile portion of device.

  • Acer, Aspire one ZG5, Date: 2016-01-07
    Completely disabled, unable to turn on. When plugged in, charging circuit appears to still work. On hitting the power button, the power LED comes on, but no fans spin up, screen does not turn on and nothing starts.

  • Lenovo, ThinkPad T510, Date: 2017-01-12: Vulnerable
    Device immediately disabled

  • Dell, Latititude E6420, Date: 2017-02-10: Vulnerable
    Device immediately disabled

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