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usd AG

We protect companies against hackers and criminals.

At usd AG we try to make a difference and achieve #moresecurity for everyone. In this repository we share tools and knowledge we gained in years of working as pentesters and consultants for information security. In our daily work we are standing on the shoulders of giants in terms of open source tools we use frequently. With our tools collected here we want to give back to this awesome community. Feel free to get in touch with us. More information is also available on our homepage and technical blog.

On our company website you will find our imprint ( and privacy policy (

Popular repositories

  1. cstc cstc Public

    CSTC is a Burp Suite extension that allows request/response modification using a GUI analogous to CyberChef

    Java 140 21

  2. FlowMate FlowMate Public

    FlowMate, a BurpSuite extension that brings taint analysis to web applications, by tracking all parameters send to a target application and matches their occurrences in the responses.

    Java 114 8

  3. SharpLink SharpLink Public

    Create file system symbolic links from low privileged user accounts within PowerShell

    C# 85 17

  4. slipit slipit Public

    Utility for creating ZipSlip archives

    Python 62 5

  5. sncscan sncscan Public

    Tool for analyzing SAP Secure Network Communications (SNC).

    Python 47 8

  6. sunrpc sunrpc Public

    python library implementing RFC1057 (Remote Procedure Call - Portmapper Protocol)

    Python 2 1


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