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Free and open-source, community-driven platform for sharing and browsing userstyles, and a replacement for, made by the userstyles community.


Features are implemented as they are needed. Visit our public roadmap to see what we’re working on, and feel free to open an issue to request new features.

Core User functionality:

  • Register, login, and logout
  • Email verification, login notifications and password recovery
  • OAuth login via GitHub, GitLab, and Codeberg
  • Custom biography area with Markdown support
  • Links to GitHub, GitLab, and Codeberg profiles

Core Userstyle functionality:

  • Manual creation
  • Search functionality (to be improved upon)
  • Importing from USo-archive, GitHub, GitLab, Codeberg, etc.
  • Permanent link to original URL that the style was imported from
  • Optional source code as well as metadata mirroring
  • Private or public import and mirror URLs
  • Project homepages, description, notes, license, category, screenshots, etc.
  • Userstyle deletion and editing of all available fields
  • Style statistics in form of views, and weekly/total installs


  • Style index, style details, and style source code endpoints.
  • OAuth support to make certain actions on the user behalf.


Please see docs/ folder for relevant documentation on features.


Source code released under the AGPL-3.0 License.