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=== About ===
name: Cloudmade
description: Add a Cloudmade base layer
version: 0.3
requires: 2.0b4
tested up to: 2.0b4
author: David Kobia
author website:

== Description ==
Actionable Report Example:
* Report that someone somewhere needs water

== Installation ==
1. Copy the entire /cloudmade/ directory into your /plugins/ directory.
2. Edit the plugins/cloudmade/config/cloudmade.php file
3. Update the api_key which you can get at:
4. Update the styleid which you can get at:
5. Activate the plugin.

== Changelog ==
* Fixed bug with cloudmade.js rendering when plugin not active

* Finished plugin
* Fixed issue with installation
* Fixed css issues
* TODO form validation
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