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ustwo Branded Interactions

An ustwo internal prototyping tool that allows clients to build out visual cues for how their brand might play out as a series of screen-based interactions.


To facilitate the building out the mood and tone of their brand on screen-based interactions, alongside other branding considerations.


Clients will be able to directly manipulate (using either physical - knobs, faders etc or digital controls - on screen spectrum tools) shapes, speeds, pace, lights of simple objects (and potentially save them out as gifs or videos—but maybe not MVP).


Current state

The current version of the tool as been built in prototype form as a proof-of-concept, to validate ideas proposed by Joe Smith (internal .gdoc) over the New York 2015 summer. As a result, the tool is currently "dumb"—and the interactions defined within the tool must be manually logged or recorded for future use.


The prototype has been designed for fullscreen, landscape iPad use, but built (mostly) responsively to allow for more devices/variations down the line.

How to use

A stable public version is available at

To run the most recent version (this repository), you'll need a Mac with Framer Studio and an iPad. These need to be running on the same local network.

  1. On your Mac, clone or download this project
  2. Drag the whole branded-interactions.framer folder onto the Framer Studio app icon
  3. On your iPad, download and open the Frameless iOS app
  4. Make sure both the iPad and your Mac are running on the same network. Hit "Connect" to see the branded-interactions.framer prototype
  5. You should see a list of Framer projects open on the network. Tap branded-interactions.framer

Also works with iOS Safari (with browser chrome, though).

How to preview only

You can preview by doing the same steps as above, except viewing in a WebKit browser on your Mac. You can use Framer Generator instead of Framer Studio.


Future plans

We'd like to facilitate workshops with clients that allow them explore and solidify directions to build upon in projects. These exercises will probably need to be prefaced with branded interactions in context, to help their understanding of the importance of such an exercise in the first place.

Next steps

  • Internal interviews with experienced workshop-facilitators (Jason, Yu Jin, Chris M)
  • Experiment with physical interactions (LittleBits, etc)


  • Link this repository to for auto-push
  • Isolated live-updating elements (position, rotation, etc)
  • Presets
  • Live-updating sliders for spring values
  • Label sliders
  • Add linear/ease sliders for some presets (instead of spring)
  • Context for slider changes (a visual point at the original setting for each)
  • Update presets with useful values
  • Update and add in-device examples (menus etc)
  • Better custom settings
  • Save, edit, export functionality on custom settings
  • Module-out as much as possible
  • Condense rest of code (functions, arrays, all that good stuff)
  • Limit or replace horizontal scroll with left/right buttons (on right side)
  • Visualise (and live-update) spring/ease/linear graph (like the Framer Learn examples, or Simon's link)
  • Remove or modify 'reset' button on custom page/screen
  • Fix savedScroll bottom margin quirk
  • Fullscreen browser/multiple pixel density support