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An interpreter for the Monkey programming language written in Haskell
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An interpreter for the Monkey programming language written in Haskell

The Monkey Programming Language

The official Monkey logo

What's Monkey?

Monkey is a programming language designed for learning about interpreter implementation, used in a book, Writing An Interpreter In Go.

Why Haskell?

The original implementation in the book is written in Go. Go is a great language, but I personally find Haskell more attractive than Go. Haskell is well-known for its efficiency in writing compiler too.

Most importantly, writing Haskell makes me productive and happy.


Build, test and install

$ stack build
$ stack test
$ stack install # will install binaries in $PATH


$ mkrepl
$ stack exec mkrepl # without install


$ mki examples/
$ stack exec mki examples/ # without install



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