Sphinx extension to include runcode directive, which will post the code to an executable sandbox site like codepad.org
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===================== sphinxcontrib-runcode

Run the included code in pastebin like codepad.org or ideone.


To enable this extension, add the following line to conf.py::


Now you can include a runnable link to your literalinclude file.

.. runcode:: path/to/your/file
   :language: C
   :codesite: codepad


.. runcode:: path/to/your/file
   :language: C
   :codesite: ideone


When using ideone for for runcode, you need to create an account with http://ideone.com/account and provide your APIUSER and APIPASSWORD in the file: sphinxcontrib/runcode.py

Use this option only when you build this extension locally, **do not bundle the APIUSER and APIPASSWORD and upload the .tar.gz file to be pip-installable from any location.

  • Create the tar.gz packager your set your APIUSER and APIPASSWORD and then do the pip install on your local system.


pip install sphinxcontrib-runcode-0.2.0.tar.gz

This extension will take the runcode rules in the sphinx files and replace it with a big green button, pointing to running this in the IDEONE ide.

This will create a file codemap.json which is a mapping of the particular source file and the IDEONE location.

Supported Values

  • Language: C, Python
  • codesite: codepad, ideone


To create a tar.gz

python setup.py sdist

Install it locally

pip install dist/sphinxcontrib-runcode-0.0.2.tar.gz

Create build and codemap.json


make html

Commit codemap.json


git add codemap.json
git commit -am "Updated Code Mappings."

Using it with readthedocs.org

If you are using it readthedocs.org, do not provide APIUSER and APIPASSWORD, instead build it locally and update the codemap.json and publish your updated codemap.json everytime the your repository code changes.