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Software and Firmware for Witty Pi 3
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Witty Pi 3 is the third generation of Witty Pi, which adds RTC and power management to your Raspberry Pi, and can define complex ON/OFF sequence with simple script.

After installing the software on your Raspberry Pi, you can enjoy these amazing new features:

  • You can power your Raspberry Pi with higher voltage.
  • You can gracefully turn on/off Raspberry Pi with single tap on the switch.
  • After shutdown, Raspberry Pi and all its USB peripherals’ power are fully cut.
  • Raspberry Pi knows the correct time, even without accessing the Internet.
  • Raspberry Pi knows the temperature thanks to the sensor in RTC chip.
  • You can schedule the startup/shutdown of your Raspberry Pi.
  • You can even write a script to define complex ON/OFF sequence.
  • Shutdown Raspberry Pi when input voltage is lower than pre-set value.
  • Turn on Raspberry Pi when input voltage raise to pre-set value.
  • When the OS loses response, you can long hold the switch to force power cut.

Witty Pi 3 supports all Raspberry Pi models with 40-pin header, including A+, B+, 2B, Zero, Zero W and 3B, 3B+ and 4B.

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