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FYI: Peabody Draft 04 has been replaced by


Name:     draft-ietf-uuidrev-rfc4122bis
Revision: 14
Title:    Universally Unique IDentifiers (UUID)
Date:     2023-11-06
Group:    uuidrev
Pages:    58


Draft Prototypes and Tests for UUIDv6 and beyond

Name Language UUIDv6 UUIDv7 UUIDv8 RFC/Draft
uuid6/prototypes/python Python Yes Yes Yes draft-peabody-dispatch-new-uuid-format-02
oittaa/uuid6-python Python Yes Yes Yes draft-ietf-uuidrev-rfc4122bis-02
quwac/newnewid-python Python Yes Yes Yes draft-ietf-uuidrev-rfc4122bis-03 and all below
jdknezek/uuid6-zig Zig Yes Yes No draft-peabody-dispatch-new-uuid-format-03
daegalus/dart-uuid Dart Yes Yes Yes draft-peabody-dispatch-new-uuid-format-04
f4b6a3/uuid-creator Java Yes Yes No draft-peabody-dispatch-new-uuid-format-04
chrylis/time-based-uuid-reordering Java Yes No No draft-peabody-dispatch-new-uuid-format-04
mikemix/php-uuid-v6 PHP Yes No No pre-ietf-draft-0x
oittaa/uuid-php PHP Yes Yes Yes draft-ietf-uuidrev-rfc4122bis-02
symfony/uid PHP Yes Yes Yes draft-peabody-dispatch-new-uuid-format-04
kurttheviking/uuid-with-v6-js JavaScript Yes No No pre-ietf-draft-0x
bradleypeabody/gouuidv6 Go Yes No No pre-ietf-draft-0x
gofrs/uuid Go Yes Yes No draft-peabody-dispatch-new-uuid-format-04
sprql/uuid7-ruby Ruby No Yes No draft-peabody-dispatch-new-uuid-format-01
kjmph/UUID_v7_for_Postgres.sql Postgres No Yes Yes draft-peabody-dispatch-new-uuid-format-03
MatrixAI/js-id TypeScript No Yes No draft-peabody-dispatch-new-uuid-format-01
LiosK/uuidv7 TypeScript No Yes No draft-peabody-dispatch-new-uuid-format-04
kripod/uuidv7 TypeScript No Yes No draft-peabody-dispatch-new-uuid-format-04
karwa/uniqueid Swift Yes No No draft-peabody-dispatch-new-uuid-format-02
fabiolimace/UUIDv7_for_C C No Yes No draft-peabody-dispatch-new-uuid-format-03
LiosK/uuidv7-h C/C++ No Yes No draft-peabody-dispatch-new-uuid-format-04
mareek/UUIDNext C# Yes Yes Yes draft-peabody-dispatch-new-uuid-format-04
BaerMitUmlaut/GuidPlus C# Yes Yes Yes draft-peabody-dispatch-new-uuid-format-02
bgrainger/NGuid C# Yes Yes Yes draft-ietf-uuidrev-rfc4122bis-07
Medo/Uuid7 C# No Yes No draft-peabody-dispatch-new-uuid-format-04
uuid-rs/uuid Rust Yes Yes Yes draft-peabody-dispatch-new-uuid-format-04
LiosK/uuid7-rs Rust No Yes No draft-ietf-uuidrev-rfc4122bis-02
DianaNites/nuuid Rust Yes Yes Yes draft-peabody-dispatch-new-uuid-format-04
jakwings/ Shell Yes Yes Yes draft-peabody-dispatch-new-uuid-format-04
x4m/pg_uuid_next C No Yes Yes draft-peabody-dispatch-new-uuid-format-04
pluots/udf-suite MariaDB/MySQL Yes Yes No draft-peabody-dispatch-new-uuid-format-04
danielmarschall/uuid_mac_utils PHP Yes Yes Yes [draft-ietf-uuidrev-rfc4122bis-12][draft-ietf-uuidrev-rfc4122bis-12]
ramsey/uuid PHP Yes Yes Yes draft-ietf-uuidrev-rfc4122bis-00 ?

Note: UUIDv8 prototypes will likely vary among implementations


Create a repository and open a Pull Request to have this table updated.

Please include:

  • Link to repository
  • Programming language used
  • List UUIDvX versions supported in repository
  • Define RFC version you are implementing (Preferably the latest available)
  • Any comments/notes to include