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This is a market simulator in development for the University of Virginia Financial Engineering Research Group.

To run the simulation, simply download jinsup.jar and run the following command in a terminal/command prompt.

java -jar jinsup.jar [options]

Options can be any of the following below. Options only need to be specified if the default value needs to be changed:

    --randomGenerator, -rng
       Random number generation algorithm
       Default: mersenne

       PRNG seed
       Default: Number of milliseconds since Unix Epoch

    --destIAProfitFile, -dia
       File to write IA profits
       Default: IAProfits-YYYYMMDD-HHMM.csv

    --destTradeFile, -dt
       File to write trade log data
       Default: log-YYYYMMDD-HHMM.csv

       Path to the configuration file

       Show this usage information
       Default: false

See Configuration File Formats for more information about the configuration file. This parameter is required to run the simulation.

Also please see Logging Columns for an explanation of what is logged in the simulation.

When test mode is disabled, the user will be able to see a moving history of the market condition in a graphing window as shown below.