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A hands-on tutorial for introducing the CDS Hooks Specification and API
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PHI 533 Demo CDS Hook

This project creates an HTTP endpoint that can be invoked as part of the CDS Hooks workflow in the sandbox.


Install the prerequisites, then run the application, and expose your endpoint by creating an SSH tunnel.


Install NodeJS, and if you're on Windows, an SSH client.

One option is PuTTY.

Newer Windows 10 releases have an SSH client built in that can be enabled by following these instructions:


Clone this repo:

git clone && cd phi533-cdshook

Install the dependencies:

npm install

Run the application:

npm start


Basic Check

Navigate to http://localhost:3003/ and make sure you see a message that the service is running.

Configure Sandbox

Navigate to the CDS Hooks sandbox. Click the CDS Services link at the top right and choose ADD CDS Service.

In the input box, enter http://localhost:3003/cds-services, using the SSH tunnel output from above, but appending /cds-services to the URL.

Then test the config:

  1. Navigate to the Rx View (by clicking Rx View from the navbar at the top), and select any problem from the Treating dropdown box.

  2. Note the Public Health Alert card being shown.

  3. Pat yourself on the back and get a beer 🍺.

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