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Note: If you pulled this branch when it was under Gautam's account, you will need to update your remote url:



  1. Follow the Github SSH setup

  2. Run:

     $ cd <your projects folder>
     $ git clone
  3. Follow the instructions in the backend and frontend folders.


The server is running on a VM in DigitalOcean (message Andrew to be invited as an admin). To access the server, ssh using the following command:

$ ssh root@ # Message Shela for the password

To access the code, simply go to the plasta folder, and you will be able to pull in new changes using Git as usual.

The backend is running on port 3000. Whenever you want to make backend changes, make sure to run systemctl stop app first to stop the backend, pull the changes from Git, make the necessary database updates, and then run systemctl start app to resume execution. Useful commands:

$ systemctl stop app
$ systemctl status app
$ systemctl start app

The frontend is running on port 80. Frontend changes should update automatically, but if the frontend needs to be stopped at any point, you can run pm2 stop npm, to stop it. Then, make the necessary file changes or package updates, and run pm2 start npm --start to resume execution. Useful commands:

$ pm2 start npm -- start


For coding style, install a plugin for editor config corresponding to your text editor.


  • We branch off of master for feature branches and prefix them with our name. Eg. gautam/readme-update.
  • We don't 'merge', so there are no merge commits. We always rebase on top of another branch.
  • Thus, our individual commits are wholesome and (ideally) individually reversible on top of master. This means we should have related changes together in a commit which may be bigger in size but also have a meaningful message.

Some useful commands

At any point, you can see which branch you're on, which files are modified, which are staged, and your available commands at the moment (to commit, continue rebasing, etc.):

$ git status

See modified files, stash current changes and pop:

$ git diff
$ git stash
# Do stuff
$ git stash pop

General flow:

$ git checkout master
$ git pull
$ git checkout -b gautam/readme-update
# Make changes
$ git add .
$ git commit -m "Update readme"
$ git push -u origin gautam/readme-update

Rebase on top of master:

$ git pull origin master --rebase
# Resolve conflicts if any, may appear for every commit you have
$ git add .
$ git rebase --continue
# or git rebase --abort
# repeat until all resolved
$ git push -f

Amend last commit:

# Make changes
$ git add .
$ git commit --amend
$ git push -f

Rebase commits (re-order, drop, squash, reword):

# Make changes
$ git commit -m "Add instructions"
$ git rebase -i HEAD~2 # for last 2 commits
# Follow instructions as shown
$ git push -f

Checkout someone else's branch:

$ git fetch
$ git checkout <remote-branch-name>

Set git editor to vim:

$ git config --global core.editor 'vim'
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