Parallel, incremental evaluation of attribute grammars through synthesis
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Synthesis of Incremental and Parallel Attribute Grammar Evaluators

This is a work in progress. If you're interested in the background for this research project, take a look at Superconductor, which is the culmination of a substantial amount of prior work in this subject.

At a high level, the vision for this project is to optimally synthesize parallel, incremental attribute grammar evaluators specialized to interesting subsets of the domain (or just the whole domain). The concrete motivating problem is make possible high-performance layout of extremely large data visualizations (cf., "big data").

Synthesis Engine

These directories contains code in [Typed] Racket and (Rosette)[] for the parsing, transformation, serialization, and angelic evaluation (interpretation) of derivations of an attribute grammar given as FTL (backronym: "Functional Tree Language") code. In the future, this will also include optimal schedule synthesis, incrementalization with optimal synthesis of change propagation functions, and code generation (compilation) targeting a variety of backends (language + tree + library).

Attribute Grammar (grammar/)

This directory contains code for parsing, serializing, manipulating, typechecking,and translating to an intermediate representation the AST of the attribute grammar domain-specific language (DSL), which is FTL.

Angelic Evaluator (angelic/)

This directory contains code to evaluate a tree of an attribute grammar angelically. It can be thought of as a solver-aided specification for the correctness of attribute grammar evaluation.

Scheduled Evaluator (schedule/)

This directory contains the code for parsing, serializing, interpreting, and synthesizing (from a sketch) a schedule. This will be redesigned to support "partial evaluation" with respect to a schedule, in order to generate the corresponding layout engine identified by the schedule.

Browser (browser/)

This directory contains the code for our flagship application of the synthesis engine, which is an (approximately) optimally parallel and incremental web browser that synthesizes specialized layout engines as needed. An initial version will support a somewhat limited subset of HTML and CSS without JavaScript and render to an image. This "browser" is intended only as a proof-of-concept, and once that purpose is fulfilled, we will move onto integrating our synthesized layout engine with existing, commercial web browsers.

This will be written after the completion of the synthesis engine and is thus almost entirely unimplemented.