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A framework for scalable graph computing.
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Signal/Collect is a framework for computations on large graphs. The model allows to concisely express many iterated and data-flow algorithms, while the framework parallelizes and distributes the computation.

How to Compile the Project

Ensure Java 8 is available on the system, verify with "java -version" on the command line.

Install SBT:

Go to the project folder and start SBT on the command line. The output should end with: "[info] Set current project to signal-collect (in build file:XYZ/signal-collect/)"

To generate a .jar file with dependencies, use the "assembly" command on the SBT prompt.

To generate an Eclipse project, use the "eclipse" command on the SBT prompt.

If SBT throws an "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space" exception, put a file named ".sbtconfig" into the home folder and add this single line to it: "export SBT_OPTS=-XX:MaxPermSize=1024M".

How to Develop in Eclipse

Generate an Eclipse project as described above.

Install the Eclipse-based Typesafe IDE for Scala 2.11 from

Ensure that Eclipse uses a Java 8 library and JVM: Preferences → Java → Installed JREs → JRE/JDK 8 should be installed and selected.

Open the Scala project that was generated by SBT with: File → Import... → General → Existing Projects into Workspace → select "signal-collect" folder

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