Web UI for ETH Notifier
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Web UI for ETH Notifier

Ethereum service for sending SMS and email (coming soon) notifications.

Supports IPFS-augmented Ethereum calls for cheaper (gas) calls and encrypted calls.

Frontend (static page UI)

  1. Install dependencies

    npm install
  2. Configure, if required.

    cp config/default.js config/local.js
    # edit local.js accordingly
  3. Start the dev server, code and enjoy! Browser should automatically refresh if you make any changes to the code.

    npm start

    Load http://localhost:8080/ on your web browser.

  4. For deployment, run npm build and upload build/ to your server.


While this is mainly a static page UI, there is a Node.JS-based server component to help with pushing of data onto IPFS and encryption.

  1. Start the following daemons:

    1. IPFS node
    2. Ethereum Web3 provider, either Geth or Parity
  2. Configure, if required. Start server with, npm run server.



MIT · U-Zyn Chua