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As a web developer, you need to run many different processes for your development work. CodeLauncher provides a hub for all the server software you need, and you can organize them by project and check their output accordingly.

Core Features

  • Manage processes by project
  • Check the output of each process
  • Auto start projects when CodeLauncher starts
  • Manage environment variables of each process
  • Export/import projects for sharing between team members

Open Source

If you have used supervisor on Linux before, you will find the concept is quite similar. CodeLauncher works like a GUI version of supervisor for macOS. You can also grab the source code and build it yourself if you want.


To use your DEVELOPMENT_TEAM for building the app, please follow these steps:

Create a local.xcconfig file at the root level of the project. This file is already ignored in gitignore.

Put your DEVELOPMENT_TEAM setting in local.xcconfig like this:


You do not need to create this file from Xcode, it can be created with a simple command like this:

echo "DEVELOPMENT_TEAM = 12345ABCDE" > local.xcconfig